Edify World School Firozabad

National Hawks Roller Skating Championship

Extremely Delighted Moment to announce the results of National_Roller_Skating_ChampionshipNational_Hawks_Roller_Skating_championship


16 students of edify participated Into it…..of which 10 Gold ,2 Silver and 3 Bronze have been bagged by our students….

Atharv, Rudransh, Saksham, Anya, Nichal, Kaushal, Prayan, Manohar, Shubh and Praveen got Gold

Raghav, Shikhar got Silver

Daksh, kavya, Reyansh Got Bronze

Utkarsh_Agrawal too participated and has been conferred with Gold Medals In Indo_Nepal Roller Basketball Hawks (Sr.) for his Field Captivating Extraordinary Performance….

In Addition
He was also honored to be as one of the official_Judges in the Selection Committee.
Good things come to those who hustle….so Don’t talk just act.

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